Want more information on the Tiny House movement? Here is a list of helpful resources to use as you research, design, and build your tiny home.

Tiny House Builders and Consultants

Design Boom

Historic Shed

Portland Alternative Dwellings

Small House Society

Tennessee Tiny Homes

Tiny Home Builders

Tumbleweed Houses

Vermont Tiny Houses

Zyl Vardos

Designs and Floorplans

Small House Bliss

Tiny House Design

Tiny House Swoon

Tiny House Talk

Personal Stories and Tiny Living Blogs

Clothesline Tiny Homes

Evan and Gabby’s Tiny House

Forge Ahead

Little Yellow Door

Mini Motives

Roycroft Tiny House

The Floating Empire

The Tiny Life

The Tiny Project

Tiny House Blog

Tiny House Family

Tiny House Ontario

Tiny Texas Houses

Under Big Skies

Shows and Media

Tiny House Nation


Sustainable Building Codes

Houses For Sale

Tiny House Listings

Check back for new resource listings…we’re looking for them, too!