Metal Benefits

The Benefits of a Metal Roof for Your Tiny House

We offer metal roofs produced from aluminum and steel with the industry-leading PVDF coatings, as well as from copper and zinc. All of our products are designed with life expectancies of 50+ years, making them highly sustainable. Our products can also have their functional lives extended even longer by repainting them after 50+ years of exposure and service.


Nothing crowns the beauty of a distinctive home more than an Isaiah Industries metal roof. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop products that offer the utmost in beauty, utilizing high tech metal forming techniques as well as colors and coatings that are natural looking. We are the only leading metal roofing manufacturer that can even provide a custom color for your tiny home! Whether your home is designed for a traditional vertical seam roof, or a roof that looks like shingles, slate, shake, or tile, we can meet your need. And do it in a way that considers all of the other factors that go into making a long term tiny home with the highest possible value.

Fire Resistance

Fire safety is a huge concern for tiny houses. The best way to achieve it is through the use of non-combustible materials. Nothing achieves that better than a metal roof. Depending upon underlayment, our systems are eligible for Class A fire ratings. Additionally, in the event of an interior fire, a low weight metal roof does not pose a significant or worrisome cave-in threat.

Wind Resistance

Our products have all passed the most stringent wind uplift tests through interlocking panels and unique fastening methods. While other roofing systems depend upon failure prone sealants or gravity to hold them in place, Isaiah Industries produces roofs that are wind resistant by design, not by accident. Our products are used heavily in coastal areas such as Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Hawaii, and Japan. This makes them ideal for tiny houses that are designed to be road-worthy.

Mold and Algae Resistance

The PVDF coatings used on Isaiah Industries metal roofs are one of the tightest man-made molecular bonds. This creates a surface that is very resistant to fungus as well as streaking and staining from algae. This differs dramatically with various granulated roofing surfaces that offer a prime environment to attract and sustain biological growth

Energy Efficiency

Isaiah Industries has long been a leader in understanding the energy efficiency of roofing systems, having first started testing our products for energy efficiency over 30 years ago. Keeping heat out of a tiny house will have a huge bearing on electric costs and carbon footprint. Our metal roofs reduce home cooling loads in three ways:

  1. Our finishes incorporate reflective pigments, allowing many of our products to be listed as “Cool Roofs”.
  2. Our shingle style products all have an integral air space that stops conductive heat transfer from the roof’s surface to the roof decking and structure below.
  3. The low thermal mass of metal means it quickly dissipates any gained heat back to the sky once the sun goes behind a cloud or a gentle breeze blows.

Ventilation and insulation in the attic can further enhance energy efficiency. It is common for homeowners to tell us of energy savings of 20% and more after our roofs are installed.

Low Weight

For tiny houses, great structural stability can be achieved through a low weight roof covering on top of solid decking that ties the rafters together. Isaiah Industries’ aluminum roofs weight from 0.5 – 0.7 pounds per square foot and our steel roofs weigh under 1 pound. This is far less than what other roofing materials weigh such as asphalt shingles, composite products, slate, and tile. Yet the interlocking nature of metal panels allows them to be held securely to the roof even in high winds or when traveling down the road. Isaiah Industries has nearly 30 years of experience with its products being used on manufactured houses that are transported down the highway.

Complete System

Other roofing materials use sealants to help keep the water out and that’s fine for roofs that only last 15 – 20 years. Metal roofs will outlast any sealants; they must depend upon precise trims and flashings that keep the water where it needs to be rather than inside of your home. At Isaiah Industries, our experience (since 1980) has allowed us to design flashings that work for virtually all roof situations. But, if our review of your roof design leads to the conclusion that your roof system needs something special to ensure its successful long term performance, we can make that as well. Regardless of your roof design, we will work closely with you to provide exactly what you need.

Recycled Content

In addition to the green benefits of sustainability and energy efficiency for your tiny home, Isaiah Industries’ metal roofing systems also have high recycled content and are 100% recyclable should they ever reach the end of their useful life. Our aluminum products have 95% or more recycled content and our steel and copper systems are 35% recycled content. This is one major item you can specify for your new home which has high recycled content, and most of that is post consumer. Yes, your beverage can today can be your new roof tomorrow.

To learn more about the benefits of metal for tiny house roofing, consider taking a look our product lines in more depth.